​President Richard Nixon declared the war on drugs and who was the enemy? The enemy: you were the enemy, society, your kids were the enemy, mothers, fathers, teachers, preachers, police, college professors, truck drivers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, neighbors, politicians, and anyone who used illegal or misused prescription drugs was the enemy.

I got clean and sober from drugs and alcohol on December 8, 1981; I was 2 months from my 43rd birthday. I decided that based on my behavior and history with drugs and alcohol that at the rate I was going; I was on my way to California Department of Corrections at San Quentin Prison, if I tested dirty one more time while on probation. I already had a 3 year suspended sentence and was going to jail for three years and did not like the consequences. Therefore, in December 8, 1981 I went to Alcoholic Anonymous, which is when my life turned around.

Newsweek wrote an article in 1983, about “Drugs on the Job, and a 2nd article in 1986 about Kids and drugs, I was 47 at the time, and had heard and seen so many people in the Alcoholic Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, and Narcotic Anonymous tell their story about how their involvement with drugs and alcohol made their lives a living hell.

I designed t-shirts to get the message out to kids about “Smart Kids Say No Thanks”. It was successful in that it brought attention to the issue of drugs and alcohol to the inner cities of Los Angeles.

I am an expert on the carnage of how alcohol and drugs addiction affected my life. I sold drugs across the country for 10 years as well as selling drugs to the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration). I also know how to recovery from the scourge of drug addiction. I have a history of being a community activist in South Central Los Angeles as well as a participant with First Lady Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign, “DARE Program”, Los Angeles Unified School District, and “SANE” (Substance Abuse Narcotic Education) Los Angeles County Sheriff Department. I owe my 36 plus years of recovery to Alcoholic Anonymous, Narcotic Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Emotion Anonymous, AlaNon and Tough Love.

We are asking America to “SAVE A LIFE SPONSOR A KID”, each child will receive a t-shirt, pledge, and button to remind it to make smart choices and to live the pledge and I live and embody every day of my life.

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Letters of Support
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