​Smart Kids say No Thanks – Smart Kids make Smart Choices is a no exception no excuse awareness goal for the youth of America. We strive for zero tolerance for America’s youth (Kids) as it relates to the use of ALCOLHOL/DRUGS and engaging in BULLYING and SEXTING behaviors. The unintended consequences of engaging in these ANTI-SOCIAL behaviors will follow our youth for a lifetime.


is to create awareness and promote positive choices in America’s youth as we ask America to save a Life…Sponsor a Kid!
America’s choices are a Lifetime of Prevention or a Lifetime of Recovery…
AMERICA …..How Will You Choose ???


I, __________________________
Know that the purpose of my life is to be free to choose happiness as the beacon that guides me to freedom. To be the architect and builder of my spiritual connection to a power greater than myself, to go about each day with the attitude of “Yes I expect to win and I will”

I promise to always respect my body as the holy temple that it is and not pollute it with disease, alcohol, food, drugs, tobacco or any negative thought or deed; And to share with you my friends, the same honesty that I share with myself; always be good to yourself; and to accept prosperity and abundance as your divine birthright. Go in love and peace and I will always remember that it’s okay to say;